Sunday Supper

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Would you like to help bring together our St. Mary’s community during a Sunday this Spring Semester? In the fall, you indicated that you were interested in helping out with cooking for Sunday Supper.  We are now starting the Spring Semester and are looking once again for cooks. This meal is free to the public and we need your help to make it happen.  The Sunday Supper Coordinators (Catherine Conners and Chena Schlueter) pick a tried and true recipe for you (and others who you ask to help–it can be a group event!), you buy the ingredients (we make a grocery list for you with the quantities of each item), and then, on Sunday, we help you to prepare the meal for about 80 people and serve it alongside you.  This commitment in total would take about 1 hour for grocery shopping and around 4-5 hours for meal prep and serving the meal.  We will have a jam session in the kitchen, btw, so it will probably be even more fun than cooking Ramen noodles in your apartment.;)

Do not worry if you have never had any cooking experience–we will help you the whole way.  Additionally, you will be reimbursed for the groceries that you buy up to $70-80 dollars, and we, as coordinators, make sure that the price does not go higher than that because we know a college student’s budget is tight.

This is a chance to get to know people in our community better and to carry out a corporal work of mercy…to feed the hungry!;) So what have you got to lose? Grab a group of friends to help out, too, because in this process the more IS merrier.:)  If you are interested in signing up for Sunday date between September through May (minus the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks and Koinonia Retreat Weekends), we will help you get signed into our calendar.


We hope you will take this opportunity to carry out the sharing in a meal and Christ’s love for one another by helping us these Fall and Spring Semesters.
God bless,
Michael, Chena, Brian, Regina  🙏✌
St. Mary’s Reach Out RSO Sunday Supper Coordinators