Students, faculty, and staff at Central Michigan share many similar albeit individually contextualized cares, concerns, hopes, and fears. Yet sometimes, they feel that they are the only ones bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Whether you are discerning the answer to a difficult decision, contemplating your future, coming to terms with who you are, dealing with your parents divorcing, finding it difficult to get on with a roommate, or struggling with the death of a loved one, we invite you to consider St. Mary University Parish as a support. Let us help you to reflect upon how your faith and other resources can provide insight.




Persons respond to the deaths of family members and friends differently. Regardless of how they respond, however, loss is always a life altering event. Many persons find it helpful to discuss their journeys with others to further the transition and healing. Parish staff provide this accompaniment, or they can direct students, faculty, and staff to others. Beyond this, they also furnish many potentially helpful resources. All grief support, of course, is confidential.