Mission Partners

We all know that the students on college campuses need evangelizing. College campuses are hostile grounds on which many students are turning away from God. Central Michigan’s campus is no different. St. Mary is a mission parish, dedicated keeping these students connected to God and the Church. There are two primary ways of being involved in missionary work.

  1. Those who go on missions and directly evangelize
  2. Those who support the mission work through their prayers and financial support (“many others provided for them our of their means” Lk. 8:3)

Most of you are unable to personally travel to St. Mary to help draw students closer to God. We have missionaries here to whom God has granted that ability, but they need your support to enable them to do God’s work. As a Mission Partner you would commit to supporting one or more of our ministries at St. Mary Parish with prayer and financial assistance. We especially need people to give recurring monthly donations (all are tax deductible) to a particular ministry to keep it running well. We ask that you prayerfully consider how much to give. $100 per month is a general amount, but some can afford more and some can afford less. Ask God where He wants you to use His money and how much He wants you to give; you can donate to a specific ministry, such as Music Ministry, Student Outreach, or the FOCUS Missionaries by indicating in writing in the comment box on a paycheck or in PayPal.

To send financial support for evangelizing students, you can mail a check to St. Mary each month (write in the memo line which ministry you are supporting), or you can make online donations by clicking the button below. To set up automatically recurring online payments, please set up a PayPal account (don’t worry; they’re free).

May God bless you for your generosity!

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